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Prayer Time Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman [New]

Prayer Time Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman [Updated]

Check Today’s Islamic prayer time in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah and Ruwais. Prayers included in the following tables – asr prayer time, isha prayer time, fajr prayer time, maghrib prayer time, eid al adha prayer time, friday prayer time dubai, eid prayer time dubai, asr maghrib prayer timing in dubai today 2022.

The prayer time is determined according to the movement of the sun and is performed five times a day as follows:

  • Fajr: Dawn, before sunrise
  • Dhuhr: Midday, after the Sun passes its highest poin
  • Asr: The late part of the afternoon
  • Maghrib: Just after sunset
  • Isha: Between sunset and midnight

Prayer time Abu Dhabi

Azan time Abu Dhabi, namaz time Abu Dhabi, fajr time Abu Dhabi, maghrib time Abu Dhabi and Today prayer timings in Abudhabi are updated in the below table.

Month – May 2022

1st MaySunday04:26 am05:44 am12:22 pm03:47 pm06:55 pm08:13 pm
2nd MayMonday04:25 am05:43 am12:22 pm03:47 pm06:55 pm08:14 pm
3rd MayTuesday04:24 am05:43 am12:22 pm03:47 pm06:56 pm08:15 pm
4th MayWednesday04:23 am05:42 am12:22 pm03:47 pm06:56 pm08:16 pm
5th MayThursday04:22 am05:41 am12:22 pm03:46 pm06:57 pm08:16 pm
6th MayFriday04:21 am05:41 am12:21 pm03:46 pm06:57 pm08:16 pm
7th MaySaturday04:20 am05:40 am12:21 pm03:46 pm06:58 pm08:17 pm
8th MaySunday04:19 am05:40 am12:21 pm03:46 pm06:58 pm08:18 pm
9th MayMonday04:19 am05:39 am12:21 pm03:45 pm06:59 pm08:18 pm
10th MayTuesday04:18 am05:38 am12:21 pm03:45 pm06:59 pm08:19 pm
11th MayWednesday04:17 am05:38 am12:21 pm03:45 pm07:00 pm08:20 pm
12th MayThursday04:16 am05:37 am12:21 pm03:45 pm07:00 pm08:20 pm
13th MayFriday04:16 am05:37 am12:21 pm03:45 pm07:01 pm08:21 pm
14th MaySaturday04:15 am05:36 am12:21 pm03:43 pm07:01 pm08:22 pm
15th MaySunday04:15 am05:36 am12:21 pm03:44 pm07:02 pm08:23 pm
16th MayMonday04:13 am05:35 am12:21 pm03:44 pm07:02 pm08:24 pm
17th MayTuesday04:13 am05:35 am12:21 pm03:44 pm07:03 pm08:25 pm
18th MayWednesday04:12 am05:34 am12:21 pm03:44 pm07:03 pm08:25 pm
19th MayThursday04:12 am05:34 am12:21 pm03:44 pm07:04 pm08:26 pm
20th MayFriday04:11 am05:33 am12:21 pm03:43 pm07:04 pm08:27 pm
21st MaySaturday04:10 am05:33 am12:21 pm03:43 pm07:05 pm08:27 pm
22nd MaySunday04:10 am05:33 am12:21 pm03:43 pm07:05 pm08:28 pm
23rd MayMonday04:09 am05:32 am12:22 pm03:43 pm07:06 pm08:29 pm
24th MayTuesday04:09 am05:32 am12:22 pm03:43 pm07:06 pm08:29 pm
25th MayWednesday04:08 am05:32 am12:22 pm03:43 pm07:07 pm08:30 pm
26th MayThursday04:09 am05:31 am12:22 pm03:43 pm07:07 pm08:31 pm
27th MayFriday04:07 am05:31 am12:22 pm03:43 pm07:08 pm08:31 pm
28th MaySaturday04:07 am05:31 am12:22 pm03:43 pm07:08 pm08:32 pm
29th MaySunday04:07 am05:31 am12:22 pm03:43 pm07:09 pm08:33 pm
30th MayMonday04:06 am05:30 am12:22 pm03:43 pm07:09 pm08:33 pm
31st MayTuesday04:06 am05:30 am12:22 pm03:43 pm07:09 pm08:34 pm

Prayer Time Dubai

Today azan time dubai, imsak, fajr, dhuhr, asar magrib, iftar and isha prayer time in Dubai given in the table.

Month – May 2022

1st MaySunday04:20 am05:40 am12:19 pm03:45 pm06:53 pm08:12 pm
2nd MayMonday04:19 am05:39 am12:19 pm03:45 pm06:53 pm08:13 pm
3rd MayTuesday04:18 am05:38 am12:19 pm03:45 pm06:54 pm08:13 pm
4th MayWednesday04:17 am05:37 am12:18 pm03:45 pm06:54 pm08:14 pm
5th MayThursday04:17 am05:37 am12:18 pm03:45 pm06:55 pm08:15 pm
6th MayFriday04:16 am05:36 am12:18 pm03:44 pm06:55 pm08:16 pm
7th MaySaturday04:15 am05:35 am12:18 pm03:44 pm06:56 pm08:16 pm
8th MaySunday04:14 am05:35 am12:18 pm03:44 pm06:56 pm08:17 pm
9th MayMonday04:13 am05:34 am12:18 pm03:44 pm06:57 pm08:18 pm
10th MayTuesday04:12 am05:34 am12:18 pm03:43 pm06:57 pm08:19 pm
11th MayWednesday04:12 am05:33 am12:18 pm03:43 pm06:58 pm08:19 pm
12th MayThursday04:11 am05:32 am12:18 pm03:43 pm06:58 pm08:20 pm
13th MayFriday04:10 am05:32 am12:18 pm03:43 pm06:59 pm08:21 pm
14th MaySaturday04:09 am05:31 am12:18 pm03:43 pm06:59 pm08:21 pm
15th MaySunday04:09 am05:31 am12:18 pm03:42 pm07:00 pm08:22 pm
16th MayMonday04:08 am05:30 am12:18 pm03:42 pm07:00 pm08:23 pm
17th MayTuesday04:07 am05:30 am12:18 pm03:42 pm07:01 pm08:24 pm
18th MayWednesday04:07 am05:29 am12:18 pm03:42 pm07:01 pm08:24 pm
19th MayThursday04:06 am05:29 am12:18 pm03:42 pm07:02 pm08:25 pm
20th MayFriday04:05 am05:29 am12:18 pm03:42 pm07:02 pm08:26 pm
21st MaySaturday04:05 am05:28 am12:18 pm03:42 pm07:03 pm08:26 pm
22nd MaySunday04:04 am05:28 am12:18 pm03:42 pm07:03 pm08:27 pm
23rd MayMonday04:04 am05:27 am12:18 pm03:42 pm07:04 pm08:28 pm
24th MayTuesday04:03 am05:27 am12:18 pm03:41 pm07:04 pm08:29 pm
25th MayWednesday04:03 am05:27 am12:19 pm03:41 pm07:05 pm08:29 pm
26th MayThursday04:02 am05:27 am12:19 pm03:41 pm07:05 pm08:30 pm
27th MayFriday04:02 am05:26 am12:19 pm03:41 pm07:06 pm08:31 pm
28th MaySaturday04:01 am05:26 am12:19 pm03:41 pm07:06 pm08:31 pm
29th MaySunday04:01 am05:26 am12:19 pm03:41 pm07:07 pm08:32 pm
30th MayMonday04:01 am05:26 am12:19 pm03:41 pm07:07 pm08:32 pm
31st MayTuesday04:00 am05:25 am12:19 pm03:41 pm07:08 pm08:33 pm

UAE prayer time 2022

  • prayer time ras al Khaimah
  • prayer timing Sharjah
  • today prayer time ruwais Abu dhabi
  • prayer time fujairah
  • prayer time ruwais
  • prayer time ras al khaimah
  • prayer time ajman

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What is prayer?

Prayer is a way of relating to God, to ourselves and to the people around us. In opening our hearts and minds and souls to God we are challenged to grow, change and love

What is the prayer time in Abu Dhabi?

The prayer time for today is given in the table.

Can I offer Fajr prayer during sunrise?

No, praying when the sun rises is forbidden in Islam.

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