iPhone Camera Trick: Record video using both front, back cameras Simultaneously

iPhone Camera Trick Record video using both front, back cameras Simultaneously maha csc
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If compared with other premium smartphone brands, iPhone capture the best video of the smartphone at present. iPhone users are more likely to use their phones to do work and record videos. With the rise of short-form content like the Instagram reel, content creators want quick and easy ways to get content out. That’s why people have appreciated the iPhone for its cutting-edge video quality.

You may need to record both yourself and the subject at once for a variety of genres, including vlogs, DIY videos, and teaching. Unfortunately, even Pro iPhones don’t support this feature, but thanks to third-party app support. We have come up with a short guide that explains how to record with the front and back iPhone cameras simultaneously.

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How to Record video using both front, back cameras Simultaneously on iPhone

Step 1: Download Double Camera from the Apple App Store.

Step 2: Once it is downloaded, give the necessary permissions for the app to function optimally.

Step 3: When you first open the app, the only buttons on the user interface that are visible are the recording button and two camera feeds.

Step 4: You can check out the Settings option in the upper right to upgrade to the app’s paid edition.

Step 5: Finally, simply hit the record button to start recording. Now, two video feeds – front and back – from two different camera lenses will start recording.

Step 6: Once your recording is complete, you can easily drag and adjust where your front camera footage needs to go. You can choose from two basic shapes for the front camera feed in the free version, along with five more unlockable options in the full version of Double Camera.

Currently available for free download from the App Store, get the Double Camera full version by DWorks for Rs 699 with an in-app upgrade option. However, the free version is sufficient for the simplest needs.

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