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Home » How To Earn Money From JIO Phone 2022 [Rs 17,000]

How To Earn Money From JIO Phone 2022 [Rs 17,000]

How To Earn Money From JIO Phone 2022 [Rs 17,000]

Nowadays earning money online is easy if you have the skill in the concerned subject. Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Micro Blogging, YouTube, Facebook and many other skills are there through which one can earn online from home.

Even if you have a JIO phone or Jio Phone Next, you can make some money sitting at home. This article has explained how to earn money in Jio phone and which methods should be adopted. So, Let’s get started.

How to earn money from Jio Phone 2022

Jio keypad phone comes with many smart features which you get in a smartphone. True 4G (LTE Support), Unlimited Data, Fast Browsing Speed and Multiple Language Support are some of the features using which you can earn some money online on Jio Phone 2. Today we will talk about some of the main ways to earn money from Jio Phone 3 which are given below.

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Facebook Ads & Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an online marketplace launched by Facebook where users can buy or sell used items locally. You can sell or buy a wide variety of items including mobiles, TVs, Laptops, Headphones, old Apple phones, gadgets, household items, etc. at great prices. All you need is an active Facebook account.

Jio Phone has an inbuilt Facebook app, you can create a Facebook account and after that, you can popularize your Facebook page and group and place ads on it. Facebook Marketplace is also an important way to earn money.

Jio Chat Referral Program

According to the new offer launched by Jio Infocomm Limited (Jio), you can earn up to two thousand rupees (Rs 2000) by referring to Jio Chat. Follow the below steps to earn money from Jio Chat.

Step 1: Install Jio Chat App on your Jio Phone.

Step 2: Create an account by entering your Jio phone number.

Step 3: Share the referral link of this app with your friends on social media sites like WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

Step 4: You will get a reward when someone downloads the app from your referral link. The money will be transferred to your Jio Money Wallet.

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Ads in Jio Phone

You can earn money by browsing Bucks sites on your Jio phone. Signup by visiting popular Bucks sites like Neobucks or Swagbucks, Open the site on your Jio phone.

Now ads will be shown in front of you, which you have to watch for 5-10 minutes. In exchange for viewing the ad, the company will pay you some money, you can then redeem or convert into vouchers.


You can earn money by making Youtube videos through the Jio Next smartphone. To earn money from YouTube, you have to create a YouTube channel in which no investment is required. All you need is specific knowledge, video editing skills and a few online marketing skills.

During the Initial time, Jio Phone 3 camera is good for shooting videos and the smartphone is capable of withstanding video editing software. YouTube allows you to place ads once 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours of watch time get completed. During this time you can earn very good money by applying Google AdSense Ads.

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You can earn money online from Jio phone, for which you must have skill, discipline and passion for your work. We have mentioned some ways to earn money online above, which you can apply in the initial days. Apart from this, you can also increase your income through online surveys, affiliate marketing, product selling, online courses, e-books, etc.

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